“Meet Your Maker” Ö Table

“Meet Your Maker” Ö Table


(7 öf 11) The Ö Collection (Ö Tables)


(Comes w/ Ö Table, Örange Calcite, Rainböw Moonstöne, and Yellow Öbsidian)


Use For...

  • Heightening Psychic Abilities and Intuition
  • Absorbing Negative Energy
  • Spreading Love, Kindness, and Joy
  • Promoting Self Empowerment
  • Help Curing Insomnia
  • Enhancing Creativity
  • Removing Depression and Allowing Optimism To Come In
  • Bringing Awareness During Manic Episodes
  • Helping Kids Stand Up To Bullies In A Positive Way
  • Menstrual Cramps and Menstruation
  • Digging Deeper Into Past Traumas
  • Balancing Auras or Chakras
  • Intensifying Feminine Goddess Energy
  • Tissue Health and Healing
  • Increasing Memory and Learning Abilities
  • Stimulating Positive Energy Throughout Body For Playfulness and Confidence
  • Help Body Absorb Beneficial Vitamins and Minerals


This table is a custom piece of art made by William Winbreaker.

Circumference : 18 INCHES
Height : 2 FEET

This table features...

  • Glow In The Dark
  • Epoxy Resin Clear Coat
  • Neon Colors
  • Metallic Colors
  • Sonasis Crystals (Sparkles Like Diamonds)