My Space In Space

My Space In Space


William Winbreaker® & Friends (2021)


Potions, Neon Paint, GLÖ In The Dark, & Sönasis Crystals on Canvas


(2 of 13) Making Space Dark




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  • Custom Lighting
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • A Special Token of Appreciation


  • POTIONS - is what I call the paint I use because of the unorthodox methods used to create unique textures and effects
  • NEON PAINT - blue light and the surrounding colors of the spectrum bring out the neon colors and make the GLÖ In The Dark charge faster
  • GLÖ IN THE DARK - is Win'd Enhanced state of the art glow in the dark that comes in various colors and is built to last until the end of time
  • SÖNASIS CRYSTALS - are female jewels crushed to dust that sparkle similar to VVS diamond crystals and emit light