“Power Of The P” Ö Table

“Power Of The P” Ö Table


(3 öf 11) The Ö Collection (Ö Tables)


(Comes w/ Ö Table, Höwlite, Carnelian, and Öpalite)


Use For..

  • Promoting Past Life Work
  • Slowing The Mind and Preventing Racing Thoughts
  • Promoting Sexual Prowess and Enhancing Sexual Experience
  • Promoting Creativity
  • Help Aligning w/ Spirit and Universe
  • Promoting Positive Emotional Expression
  • Alleviating Feelings of Pain, Stress, Rage, or Envy
  • Promoting Personal Passions
  • Grounding
  • Dispelling Worry and Fear
  • Releasing Negative Thoughts and Emotions
  • Earth Energy Healing
  • Easing Inflammation and Tension
  • Improving Blood Health and Kidney Function
  • Facilitating Absorption of Calcium
  • Connecting and Communicating w/ Spiritual Guides